Joint Account Online Application (First Account Holder Details)
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Expected Account Opening Date 預約開戶時間
This date will be confirmed after your application is completed.
Client Details 客戶資料
Salutation 稱謂  * 
Full Name in English(Chinese) 英文(中文)全名

Date of birth 出生日期 *
Nationality 國籍 *
Identification Document Details 身份證明文件資料
Primary Identification Document Details 基本身份證明文件資料

Secondary Identification Document Details 第二身份證明文件資料

Contact Information 聯絡資料
Contact Phone 聯絡電話號碼
Permanent Address 永久地址

(e.g. No. 8, Aly. 18, Ln. 88, Sec. 18)

(e.g. Jiadong Road, Changhua City)

(e.g. Changhua County)

Correspondence Address 通訊地址

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